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this location is ISO9001:2015 certified
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this location is ISO9001:2015 certified
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We Began

Max Musik and Tom Maxwell founded Sentrimax in 2002 with the opening of the centrifuge repair facility in Edmonton. Max was originally the maintenance manager for Alfa Laval in Toronto and set up their maintenance facility in Edmonton. Max partnered with Tom in 2002 as they had a mutual interest in the centrifuge industry. Tom has been active in the centrifuge industry since 1987 when he started his own contract dewatering business and built it into one of the leading dewatering service providers in North America. Together, with Max as the operations partner and Tom the technical and business partner, were able to maximize their combined knowledge and expertise which was a key to the growth of the company.

In January 2011 Sentrimax opened it US operations in Mansfield, Texas. Jeff Johannson, who started with Sentrimax in Edmonton in 2007, was promoted to General Manager of the US Operations and tasked with setting up and operating Sentrimax in Texas. Jeff has been instrumental in the start-up and continued successful growth of the US operations. Jeff understands that any problem can be solved through the fair leadership of a skilled and dedicated team of professionals. Jeff believes that meeting the client’s needs is the most effective and efficient manner possible is the ultimate benchmark of a successful company.

Sentrimax South Building

Tom Maxwell stepped into the driver’s seat at Sentrimax Centrifuges after the passing in late 2014 of Max Musik. Tom recognized a corporate overhaul was needed to survive the downturn taking place in the Oil and Gas industry in late 2014. Improved quality and a focus on transparency with all company stakeholders were paramount for the company to move forward.

Tim Maxwell was brought in as the General Manager of the Sentrimax Canadian facility in late 2014 and is focused on providing high quality services and products for all clients. Tim championed the incorporation of the quality assurance program ISO for both business units and continues to manage this integral part of the operations to date. Tim believes challenges are to be met head on, timely and clear client communication is paramount, and an amicable operations atmosphere keeps employees motivated and fully engaged in doing the best job possible. A focus on quality, safety and integrity are at the forefront of all Sentrimax operations.

Sentrimax NE location Kitchener OntarioJessy Beaudoin became involved in manufacturing and engineering in 1999. He moved into production and management of major plants around the world, including China, in 2005. Jessy joined the Sentrimax team 2015 and was promoted to Production Manager in 2018. With Jessy’s experience in manufacturing and production, he played an integral role in the development of the Engineering and R&D department. Under his direction, the production department has evolved into an efficient, cost effective area of the business. Jessy has also been involved with IT, software and the Safety Program development. His experience, knowledge, dedication and hard work has lead him to being named General Manager of the Sentrimax Northeast Division. The Northeast Division will be headquartered in Kitchener , Ontario.