Sharples P-5000 "Sanitary" Super-D-Canter Centrifuge


Unused- Sharples P-5000 "Sanitary" Super-D-Canter Centrifuge. 316/317 Stainless steel construction (product contact areas), sanitary polished 5" single lead conveyor, hogged out cake discharge ports, liquid plate dams, 95:1 gearbox with stainless steel gearbox guard, feed tube, stainless steel base, casing with clean-in-place spray header, lube system, feed pipe, main drive motor with clean-in-place gear drive and clutch, stainless steel swing arm style drive motor, sub-base, stainless steel main drive belt guard.


  • Sanitary, food, USDA
  • Decanting Centrifuge
  • Decanter Centrifuge
  • Industry, rendering
  • Industry, food, dairy
  • Sanitary Decanter


Manufacturer: Sharples
Serial #: SAN-65-P5000-582
Category: Centrifuge
Subcategory: Decanter