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Since opening our doors, Sentrimax made the crucial decision to have the complete capabilities to manufacture any component that makes up a centrifuge to OEM specifications. With our fully-equipped repair shops and experienced team of machinists, millwrights and welders, we are capable of manufacturing centrifuge and separation equipment parts that meet OEM specifications.

We carry one of the largest on-site parts inventories which gives us immediate access when repairing machines for almost any decanter centrifuge make and model. With all the resources we have on hand, Sentrimax provides new or completely refurbished centrifuges for any industrial or commercial application that our clients demand.


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Sentrimax maintains a high value inventory of centrifuge parts in our facilities such as: 

•    Conveyors
•    Bowl straight sections
•    Bowl cone sections
•    Pillow block housings
•    Flights
•    Wear components
•    Bearings
•    Seals
•    Feed tubes
•    Sheaves, bushings & couplers

Wear Components

•    Tiles, many different sizes and designs
•    Feed zone liners, targets and accelerators, Tungsten Carbide,  Stellite and silicon carbide

Feed zone nozzles, Tungsten Carbide & Ceramic
Other feed zone components, Silicon Carbide
Wear sleeves (saddles)
Plows, many different designs
Wear rings, Tungsten Carbide tiled & Tungsten sprayed
Other wear components as the client requires

We have the ability to improve components based on the wear patterns observed during the repair process of our client's centrifuges. Experienced observing the strength and weakness of all centrifuge brands on the market, we have the best knowledge to guide you to improve the custom manufacturing wear components to improve the run time of your equipment.

Gearboxes and Gearbox Components

We service all makes of planetary Gear boxes and carry a large inventory of parts. Gearboxes are the backbone of a decanter centrifuge. Sentrimax has long specialized in refurbishing used gearboxes for resale, as well as manufacturing the specialized components that make up two and three stage planetary gearboxes. In addition to our planetary gearbox services, Sentrimax also repairs Rotodiff’s and Cyclo gearboxes.

Refurbished Parts

Centrifuge maintenance is expensive, especially as your centrifuge ages. Once beyond the service contract period from the centrifuge manufacturer, regular service becomes quite expensive and there is a tendency to use refurbished parts . These refurbished parts cost a fraction of original spare parts. However, they might pose a serious risk if they do not meet centrifuge quality standards. Sentrimax would be able to easily identify if the parts are usable. Sentrimax guarantee the quality of all refurbished parts.

Centrifuge Coffin/Frame Manufacturing

Our manufacturing processes ensure that every frame we build is of the highest and strongest quality in the industry, and we utilize Laser alignment to ensure bearing pillow block mounting location pins are in alignment in all three directions.

Centrifuge Stand and Skid Manufacturing

We understand your needs and that process control is paramount in the centrifuge industry. We will ensure to provide the best layout for your needs and to improve your work flow and machinery accessibility.

Bearings and Seals

Sentrimax utilizes only tier #1 bearing manufacturers SKF, FAG and NSK for our centrifuge rebuilding and refurbishing operations. We also utilize OEM or equivalent seals with the proper size and material composition for the application and process fluids they will be exposed to (i.e. Buna, Viton, Harbor, etc.).


Sentrimax keeps a ready inventory of centrifuge motors in stock at all times, and our turnaround time on motor repairs recognizes that operations immediately come to a halt if the motor is down.


Your conveyor is a crucial part that optimizes the performance and efficiency of your machine. We have the capability to build high performance conveyors. We also have the ability to repair and improve your conveyor according to your requirements.